Do you feel like an Infertile Myrtle?


HI, There. 

Let me introduce myself. My name is Amelia Mimi Brown. Most people call me, Mimi (I’ve had the nickname since I was 2). 

In 2012, I married the most incredible man, Aaron Brown aka Mr.Brown (We call him Mr.Brown, because one day I asked him what he wanted our future children to call him and he said with a straight face, “Mr.Brown”, they need to learn respect early) LOL He was totally joking but it stuck. And now some of my colleagues refer to me as “Mr.Brown” Secretly, I don’t think they know his actual first name. 

He makes me laugh like no other, he creates delicious meals as a culinary student, and he loves me like there is no tomorrow. 

But I digress — When we first got married, we weren’t trying to have a baby and we weren’t stopping it. But after a year, I thought it was odd that nothing seemed to be happening. I talked to some of my friends and they said, “oh, Mimi don’t worry about it you’re so young, (I was 28 when we got married), just give it time and have “fun” trying. 

Well that didn’t sit in my spirit the right way. I mean I reflected on how for my young adulthood, I tried every to NOT get pregnant and here is my chance to make it happen, get it in, bump uglies wth no dire consequences and nada, zip, zlich— was happening and I was concerned. Truth be told, My parents had scared the crap out of me about pregnancy. \. At one point, I thought it was the absolute worst thing that could happen to a young women. I remember my Daddy saying to me, “Don’t be bringing no babies in the house and I am not taking care of them” So that stuck with me for a really long time. Then all of sudden this shift happened. When I got engaged and we were headed towards getting married, it seems like they were counting down the days until they got a grand baby. It was such a stark difference that I use to joke about. Damn, Dad. You were pulling me away from sex and now you’re pushing me into it. 

That’s the natural order of life. 

But back to this unsettling in my spirit— I went to the doctor and shared my concerns. At first, she told me the same thing everyone else did. Oh, you’re so young, don’t worry about it. 

Just keep trying but after I had revealed that we had been trying for a year. Her tone changed. Her body shifted. Her face  dropped.  At that moment I didn’t realize that my life would change. That moment was pivotal for me. 

We received the diagnoses of “Infertile” but I really didn’t know what that meant. Thinking back, I was probably just in denial ( and not the river in Africa) l and didn’t have any clue what was looming ahead for me. 

She ran some test and diagnosed me with PCOS ( Gotta love the gnarly side effects like chin hair growth, adult ache (though I had dodged that bullet after 17, it’s like middle school all over again, YAY!) weight gain, and the dreaded “I” word infertility. To add even more layers to the situation— I had this little baby fibroid (a benign tumor that is compromised of loads of connective tissue) growing on the top of my uterus and my doctor informed me that we would just “watch” it. Sometimes they interfere with pregnancy other times women have no issues. 

We watched grow to the size of my fist. How is that for being an over achiever? 

Well I will stop the story here. And pick it up another day. . I didn’t realize that so many women are struggling with the same thing I am.  I’ve decided to write a book about my fertility experience. Keeping a humorous tone to it. Hoping that it helps other women, laugh a little and not go insane in the process. 

Please introduce yourself. Share your story. I find it helpful to write and to hear about what other women are going through. 

Love to meet you!