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A book with an amusing and lighthearted perspective on the infertility process.


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Mimi Brown, along with chef hubby Mr. Brown, knows a thing or two about the winding road to having a baby. After over 7 years of trying to conceive, 5 rounds of IUIs, 4 Embryo Transfers, 3 Fibroid Removal Surgeries, 2 Miscarriages, and a partridge in a pear tree—her baby carriage is still empty. Yet, even with tears, she's learned to laugh her way through it all.

As a successful motivational speaker (www.ampupsuccess.com) and part-time wannabe comedian, Mimi has learned the importance and applied the skill of laughing through the tough times. Mimi has a refreshing, hilarious, and honest view on the process of getting knocked up through her upcoming book.

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LOL Infertility?

Too often those facing the long and difficult road of fertility treatment forget to stop, live, and most importantly - laugh. LOL Infertility is the perfect pause for anyone at any point of a fertility journey to find comic relief in an incredibly emotional process.”
— Jaclyn Wiegand | RN | Fertility Nurse
Mimi tickled my funny bone with this sensational book. The candid stories and anecdotes that she reveals throughout is a refreshing take on a challenging journey.
— Amber Lofton | Fertility Champion | Mom
Dealing with the ups and downs of the fertility journey is one of the most stressful times that I have ever experienced. I nearly spit out my tea as I read these honest and hilarious exploits of real couples dealing with procedures, drugs, disappointment and the worst thing of all - well-meaning advice from “friends”.
It’s funny, it’s honest and a good laugh can make anything bearable. Get this book to help someone you love.
— Breeda Miller | Caregiving Expert | Mom

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The anticipated release date of the book is November 2019.

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